Complaints Procedure

If you have a complaint or concern about the service you have received from the doctors, or any of the staff attached to the Practice, please let us know by asking to speak to Amita Gohil (Reception Manager). We operate a Practice Complaints Procedure, which meets national criteria of the NHS for dealing with complaints.

How to complain

We hope that most problems can be sorted out easily and quickly, often at the time they arise and with the person concerned. If your problem cannot be sorted out in this way and you wish to make a complaint, we would like you to let us know as soon as possible. Ideally this will be within days because this will enable us to establish what happened more easily. However, if this is not possible please let us have your complaint in writing to Faizel Waka (Operations Co-ordinator), within six months of the incident, or within six months of discovering that you have a problem, provided this is within twelve months of the incident.

If writing to the Practice regarding a complaint please address it to:

Faizel Waka (Operations Co-ordinator)
Highfields Medical Centre, Merlyn Vaz Health & Social Care Centre, 1 Spinney Hill Road, Leicester LE5 3GH

What happens next

We will normally acknowledge your complaint within two working days, and aim to look into your complaint within ten working days. We shall then be in a position to offer you an explanation, or invite you to a meeting with the people involved. You may bring someone with you to the meeting.

The purpose of the meeting will be to:

  • find out what happened and what went wrong
  • make it possible for you to discuss the problem with those concerned
  • make sure you receive an apology, if this is appropriate
  • identify what we can do to make sure the problem will not recur

Complaining on behalf of someone else

Please note that we keep strictly to the rules of confidentiality. If you are complaining on behalf of someone else, we will need their written permission to discuss the matter with you.

Exceptions to this are if you are complaining on behalf of your child, or on behalf of someone who is mentally incapacitated.

Complaining to NHS England

Our Practice Complaints Procedure is designed to help us put right anything that has gone wrong and to improve our service to patients. However this does not affect your right to approach the local Area Team for NHS England if you feel you cannot raise the complaint directly with us, or if you are dissatisfied with the result of our investigation. 

You can complain or give feedback:

By post to:

NHS England
PO Box 16738
B97 9PT

By email to: [email protected]

If you are making a complaint please state: ‘For the attention of the complaints team’ in the subject line.

By telephone: 0300 311 22 33

As you may know from the national news media, the Government has announced a rapid expansion of the COVID-19 booster vaccination programme, with boosters to be offered to all eligible adults.  General Practice has a significant role to play in delivering these vital vaccinations and in line with NHS guidance our practice is temporarily focusing on rolling out this programme as a priority.


This means that routine services will be unavailable for a short period of time. Practices will continue to provide urgent care for patients, for example reviewing potentially serious underlying problems such as known or suspected cancer.

As a consequence of this national directive, practices will have to work differently and you might notice the following:



Our practice hopes to be able to resume normal service as soon as possible. We are following national guidance from NHS England and NHS Improvement, and local guidance from the Leicester, Leicestershire & Rutland Clinical Commissioning Groups, who are supportive of our response to managing complaints. All complaints/letters/enquiries will be reviewed, and response provided at the first opportunity in line with clinical prioritisation.


Thank you for your patience and understanding, particularly when dealing with our practice team who are continuing to work hard to support the vital vaccine booster programme roll out.